Transform your turf into a lush piece of green lawn! Prince’s provides all turfing services such as topsoil filling, subsoil system installation, maintenance, etc, and a great workmanship. We are pleased to share our Watering Guide with you to help you prolong and sustain your turf.

Watering Guide:

In watering grass sod, the quantity of water applied at one time should be sufficient to penetrate the soil to a minimum depth of 150mm, and at a rate which will prevent saturation of the soil. During extreme hot weather, care must be taken to prevent over-watering, and water applications shall be spaced at longer intervals, unless grass is in danger of drought damage.

The best time to irrigate your lawn is early morning when dew is normally present. This will reduce water loss from heat and wind and allow excess moisture to dry quickly. Late afternoon and evening watering will cause the lawn to remain wet for a longer interval.

Lawns irrigated too frequently will tend to develop short, weak root systems. This leaves the lawn open to be attacked by insects, weeds and diseases. The need to irrigate is determined by a slight color change in the turf. As grass blades begin to wilt, a slightly gray-green color is noticed. Leaf blades slightly roll if water is needed. Let the grass determine when it needs water, then water accordingly.

Water should be applied to new seedlings and vegetative plantings in a spray that will not wash the soil away from the base of young plants. It must be applied slowly so the surface will not puddle and crust.

Water lightly twice a day during establishment, then water heavily once a week. Grasses need about 25mm of water per week.

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