Integrated Sustainable Landscape

With an unwavering objective to support Singapore as a City of Gardens and Water, Prince’s Landscape offers its new product line, NeoScape, an integrated sustainable landscape. Conceptualised as a form of integrated landscaping, it evokes seamlessness with a combined choice selection of the following: Rain Garden, Bioswale, Wetland, Floating Garden, Vegetable and Herb & Spice Garden, Butterfly and Dragonfly Garden, Ecopond, Nature Walk and Hi-Green Vertical Wall.

Making it more sustainable, NeoScape improves the quality of rain and storm water through our state-of-the-art rain water harvesting technique. Energy-saving irrigation through the utilization of solar power is also employed to enhance the sustainability of the landscapes and integrate them in a dynamic environment.

Aesthetically appealing, Neoscape is designed to fundamentally instill knowledge in an outdoor setting. Clients may be able to choose, if not all landscapes, either one or more, to be able to fit into their requirements and space limitations. People of all ages will be able to interact with the natural habitat of flora and fauna around them.

Learning journey of integrated sustainable landscape starts here!

For more information, download the NeoScape brochure here

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