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Urban development projects are increasing. Natural environment and open spaces are being developed into residential and commercial sites. As a result, areas dominated by green canopies are getting smaller, and this is having a profound effect on our health and environment.

We never notice it, but everyday, we enjoy immeasurable benefits from the trees growing around us. Did you know that a mature tree absorbs hundreds of gallons of water in a day and about 95% of the absorbed water may be transferred into the atmosphere. This enables us to enjoy cool breeze even under the hot sun. Also, carbon dioxide, a by-product of machines and many capital-intensive industries, is absorbed by trees as raw material for photosynthesis, which in turn release oxygen into the atmosphere.

In the erection of commercial and residential buildings for economic growth, healthy trees should not be compromised. Some of the existing trees are healthy and suitable for preservation while others may have structural instabilities, making them likely to become hazardous in the future. Yet other trees may be impossible to preserve due to construction constraints, such as those growing near work zones. Preserving them may be a waste of time and effort. So then, how should we evaluate the trees? How do we determine tree preservation?

Tree preservation measures ought to be consulted PRE construction stage and implemented DURING and POST the construction period. These are just some of the questions we have to keep in mind:

  • What can be done for trees suffering stress due to construction operations?
  • Are the trees growing in your estate really safe for people and properties?
  • Do you need hazard evaluation assessment for your trees?

Our team of certified professional arborists at TreeCare+ Consultancy are specialists in Tree Inspection, Evaluating Construction Impacts on Trees, Tree Risk Assessment and Mitigation, Soil Inspection and Amelioration. We will be your solution provider for all your tree related issues.

Services include:

  • Visual Tree Assessment (VTA) at Ground Level and CA Report
  • Visual Tree Assessment (VTA) with Elevated Working Platform (EWP) and CA Report
  • Visual Tree Assessment (VTA) with Refrectometer, EWP and Report
  • Root Growing Zone Assessment with Hydraulic Penetrometer and CA Report
  • Root Exploratory Assessment with Air Spade and CA Report
  • Determination of Internal Decay with Resistograph and CA Report
  • Determination of Internal Decay with Tomograph and CA Report
  • Supervision of Tree Care Operations
  • Supervision of Tree Protection Plan and Monthly Inspection and CA Report
  • Soil Analysis
  • Plant analysis
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