Prince's Collaborates with the "Tree Whisperer"

Daniel Oaten, from Australia, is one of Prince’s partners in arboriculture. He is a senior arborist and has worked in the industry for more than 20 years. He has a deep passion for trees and this shows in his workmanship. Daniel attends workshops and conferences regularly to keep his skills up to date. Daniel believes that it is our mission to liaise together between mother nature and technology to enhance and improve our environments, whilst maintaining high ethics and best quality of service.


  • 1992 Adv. Dip. Arboriculture
  • 1994 Rescue Instructure
  • 1999 Stage 1, national diploma tertiary education
  • 1999 National Certificate in Forest Establishment and Siliverculture
  • 1999 Registered Forestry trainer
  • 1999 Registered Arboricultural trainer
  • 2004 International Certified Arborist

Patents and Publications

  • Unit 2767, climb a well branched tree, (industry training manual)
  • Unit 2774, climb and branch walk difficult trees (Industry training manual)

Professional Memberships

  • International society of Arboriculture (USA)
  • National Arboriculture Association (USA)
  • International Association of Arboriculture Australia (ISAAC)
  • New Zealand Arboriculture Association

For more information on Daniel Oaten, please visit here